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Wheat Flour
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Wheat Flour

435 $/тонна
оптовая цена
от 320 $/тонна
Условия поставки: FCA Андрушевка
Чабан Анастасія
на Флагма с 10 апреля 2019


"Mill Base" LLC is the manufacturer of Wheat Flour and Wheat Brans under TM "Bread Master". High quality and environmentally friendly, Premium and First grade flour is produced on the equipment of a Turkish company, whose production involves using grain that has been cultivated with modern technology in accordance with international standards. Multi-level cleaning and wetting of the grain, a flexible technological scheme of grain milling allows to produce high quality flour in accordance with the customers' contracts.
The grades are as defined in state standard DSTU 46.004-99. We are also able to produce various wheat flour types and can produce them according to customer specification.
Manufactured products:
• Premium Grade Wheat Flour DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) 46.004-99;
• First Grade Wheat Flour DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) 46.004-99;
• Wheat Feed Brans DSTU 3016-95.
The quality control of grain and manufactured products is carried out by a certified laboratory. All products are certified.
The products are sold in bulk and non-bulk way of different packing.

Номер объявления: 22327
на Флагма с 10 апреля 2019

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